Secure Data Room for M&A and Legal Transactions

A secure data room is an online repository used to communicate confidential business documents during due diligence, funding and legal transactions. Traditionally, this due diligence was performed in physical locations like try here rooms in a corporate headquarters or at law firm offices or even a secure central location, but nowadays the information is stored digitally and is available for review on demand via a virtual platform.

When sensitive documents have to be shared between multiple parties and multiple parties, it is more likely that they will end up in the hands of the wrong people if you use a generic file-sharing software such as Google Drive or email than when you use a data room. In addition, while these tools are great for regular sharing of files, they do not include the security features that are critical when sharing data with certain third parties during an agreement or transaction like user restriction settings, granular auditing capabilities watermarks, and more.

CapLinked’s secure data room is a solution for software that offers ironclad security for collaboration and document sharing with selected third parties during an M&A or Capital Raising process. This comes with a range of advanced features that allow you to automatically remove sensitive information from files and folders and search text within images, create multiple versions of a document (e.g. PDF) and determine which users have visited what information, when and for how long. These features help teams complete projects faster and make better decisions during M&As or other business events.

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